National Poultry Show 2015

National Poultry Show 2015

Once again, I had the pleasure of visiting the Poultry Club of Great Britain’s National Poultry Show 2015 which was held at the International Centre in Telford. With nearly 7000 entries and 500 sales pens, it’s one of the biggest poultry shows in the country and a highlight of the year. I visited with poultry photographer and friend Rupert Stephenson and between us, we captured a flavour of the show together with some of the prize winning birds.

The overall supreme show champion was won by Meynard and Creighton with their beautiful Silver Spangled Hamburgh male, a beautiful bird indeed and a well deserved win.

Here are some photos of the birds and people we captured at the show. A huge thank you to Rupert as always for his enthusiasm and to Marcus Walker for organising our visit. Special thanks must go to the Poultry Club of Great Britain for their support and for putting on such a fantastic show.


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