Northampton Autumn Show 2015

Sunday the 25th October, the club held its second show at our new poultry show home at Bugbrooke Community Centre, Northants. We were joined for the day by three Cornish poultry judges Mr Rodney Gregory, Mr Jake Gregory and Mr Adam Simmons.

The show had a total entry of 408 entries (330 birds and 78 entries in the egg classes) and continues to attract a very strong true bantam entry with Seramas and Pekins very well represented, as well as a very strong junior section.

The awards presentation saw a couple of firsts: a new award for Best Soft Feather Light Bantam, in memory of the club’s late President and past Chairman Wilf Simms. This was presented to Simon Patel’s silver spangled Hamburgh by Wilf’s widow Joyce Simms.

Joyce Simms and Simon Patel

Joyce Simms presented the Wilf Simms trophy for Best Soft Feather Light Bantam to
Simon Patel.

The Club’s new President Rupert Stephenson also presented a bottle of wine as the ‘President’s award’ to the bird he and partner Blanche most liked at the show. This award went to Alison Wells and Robert Harrison’s Partridge Brahma which went on to make Championship row at the National.

Once again I would like to thank all the clubs supporters, be it committee, helpers, sponsors, Judges and exhibitors for all their continued support we now look forward to the club’s next show on Valentines day Sunday 14th Feb 2016. This will be the club’s second Poultry Club of Great Britain Regional status show so if you love poultry, why not pop along and join us?


Here are a selection of photos of the winning birds from the show. All photos are courtesy of Rupert Stephenson.


Here are the main show winners:

Best in ShowBuff WyandotteKerry Wilson
Reserve Best in ShowO.E.G BantamAdam Dowden
Best Utility BreedCream LegbarEmily DeGray
Best Rare Large FowlCream LegbarJill Rees
Best Rare BantamSumatraSimon Patel
Best Large Fowl S/F HeavyBrahmaHarrison & Wells
Best Bantam S/F HeavyBuff WyandotteKerry Wilson
Best Large fowl Hard FeatherO.E.G pulletJohn Messenger
Best Bantam Hard FeatherO.E.G BantamAdam Dowden
Best Large Fowl S/FWhite SilkieDavid & Carole Pell
Best Bantam S/FSilver Spangled HamburgSimon Patel
Best True BantamWhite PekinAnn Sullivan
Best WaterfowlMuscovyJ Edmunds
Best EggsSix Bantam EggsD&K Brown
Best TrioWyandotteKerry Wilson
Best JuvenileSulmtaler large fowlEden Rees
Best TurkeyPEN 268C Wood
Best GoosePEN 267C Wood
Best 2015 Bred BirdPEN 296Jill Rees

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