Reading Bantam Show 2016

Reading Bantam Show 2016

The Reading and District Bantam Society Championship show was held last weekend (27th-28th February) and I was again really pleased to be invited to take photos.

With 2256 bird and egg entries and more than 500 people coming through the door, the show continues to be the most important event for fanciers interested in bantams. This year, the championship judge was Andrew Wetters who chose a beautiful white Wyandotte pullet exhibited by Allan Brooker as the Best in Show and a lovely white female Pekin Bantam exhibited by Mr and Mrs Simms as the Reserve Best in Show.

If you had a bird photographed and would like a copy of the high-resolution images, then please email me ([email protected]) if you haven’t already and I will send them out to you over the next few days.

My thanks go to the Reading and District Bantam Society committee who made me feel extremely welcome and clearly worked very hard to make this show such a success.

The Results

Here are the results from the show.

Congratulations to Allan Brooker, the Best In Show with his beautiful white Wyandotte and Mr and Mrs Sims with their White Pekin Bantam as Reserve Best in Show.

Allan Brucker with his Show Champion Wyandotte

Allan Brooker with his white Wyandotte Bantam.

The Main Results

Best in show – Allan Brooker’s white Wyandotte female
Reserve – Mr & Mrs Sims white Pekin female
Soft feather light – S & G Hodges white crested Poland
Hard feather – Jackson & Lutey Old English Game black red male
Rare – Jenny Campbell’s cuckoo Naked Neck female
Waterfowl – Val Kitt’s mallard Call duck
Trio – Jackson & Lutey’s black German Langshans
Juvenile – Tom Marsh’s Belgian
Eggs – Sandy Vaughan 3 cream bantam eggs

Best of Breeds

Here are the Best of Breed Results.

  • Australorp – Anita James
    Barnevelder – David Baker
    Brahma – K & J Dowrick
    Croad Langshan – Merchant & Tilling
    Faverolles – C Norman
    Frizzle – Ray Parsons
    German Langshan – B & C Ward
    Marans – J McKeating
    New Hampshire Red – C A Compton
    Orloff – Helen Cooper
    Orpington – S & G Hodge
    Plymouth Rock – Robin Ramus
    Rhode Island Red – J A Raymond
    Sussex – Keith Barnes
    Wyandotte- Allan Brooker

  • Ancona – C Hammond
    Appenzeller – C Edmonds
    Araucana – Lee Pedley
    Hamburgh – J Owen
    Leghorn – T Paice
    Minorca – K Brown
    Poland – S & G Hodge
    Scots Dumpy – T Hamilton-Gould
    Silkie – L Smith
    Welsummer – Phillips & Moreira

  • Belgian – M Hughson
    Booted – R Boden
    Dutch – S York
    Japanese – N Hutchinson
    Pekin – Mr & Mrs Sims
    Rosecomb – S & G Hodge
    Sebright – J Robinson
    Serama – M Chenery

  • Burmese – H Caudrey
    Friesian – D Webber
    Kraienkoppe – B & C Ward
    Nankin – C E Handley
    Ohiki – H Berry
    Rumpless – A Marnent
    Silician Buttercup – H Caudrey
    Sulmtaler – J Freeman
    Sumatra – S & G Hodge
    Thuringian – W Shackel
    Naked Neck – Jenny Campbell
    Vorwerk – Jane Freeman
    Yokohama- C Hull

Junior Results

This year there were some new medals for juvenile exhibitors who had their own Championship Row! Well done RDBS for encouraging the next generation!

GOLD Best Junior (Belgian) – Tom Marsh
GOLD Best Handler – Freddie Lawrence

SILVER Reserve Junior (hard feather) M Simmons
SILVER Reserve Handler – James Hamilton

BRONZE Best soft feather – Finn Tippetts
BRONZE Best true – Charlie English
BRONZE Best waterfowl – Tom Marsh
BRONZE Best eggs – M. Simmons
BRONZE Pekin – Charlie English[/tab]


Here are some photos of the winners and some of the other birds at the show. More will appear in Fancy Fowl Magazine soon (subscribe here!).

Click images to see them full size

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Tim is the founder of the poultrykeeper website and lives in Herefordshire, UK. He keeps Cream Legbar chickens, Silver Sebright bantams and hybrid layers for eggs, Abacot Ranger ducks, Brecon Buff geese and some quail.
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