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Incubating & Hatching Geese

Articles and guides to help you hatch goose eggs and successfully raise goslings.

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We can apply many of the techniques we have learned when incubating chicken eggs to hatch goose eggs, providing we adjust the incubation period, temperature, and humidity. 

Getting the correct egg weight loss by adjusting the humidity over the incubation period is particularly important. This can be challenging with smaller incubators, although I have found some medium-sized incubators will hatch goose eggs successfully with care.

If we let Mother Nature help us, we can hatch goose eggs with a broody goose. The goose will need a suitable location that provides safety from predators and suitable nesting materials, but she will often be more successful than artificial incubators. While the heavy breeds tend to be a bit clumsy, some medium weight breeds can make excellent mothers. 

Raising goslings is usually much easier than hatching them! Unlike chickens and ducks, a flock of geese will adopt and raise goslings as part of their family, even if they are not their own. The whole flock will help out, and this is a useful way for us to raise and protect them while saving ourselves a lot of work.

Featured Articles:

Incubating & Hatching Goose Eggs

Incubating and hatching is a lot of fun, but goose eggs can be tricky to hatch successfully, so sometimes it’s best to leave it to a broody goose.

Incubation Humidity

Incubation Humidity

What is the correct incubation humidity for hatching eggs, and how do we measure it? How to get the right humidity for chicken, duck, goose & quail eggs.

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Candling Eggs

Candling Eggs

What will you see candling eggs? Pictures and videos of candling chicken eggs at 7 & 14 days of incubation and a useful air sac development chart.

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Hatching Goslings with a Broody Goose

Hatching Goslings with a Broody Goose

One of the easiest ways to incubate and hatch goose eggs can be to leave it up to a broody goose. Not all breeds are good mothers. Heavier breeds can be quite clumsy and better at breaking eggs than sitting on them, but many lighter breeds will sit the term, hatching and raising their young.

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The Kit!

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