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Reproductive System

Reproductive System
This category contains information about problems and diseases that affect our poultry’s reproductive system. It includes laying problems (the reproductive system produces eggs), but quality problems with eggs are in a separate category. Examples of reproductive system problems are a prolapsed oviduct, peritonitis, tumours and egg binding.

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General articles and information relating to the reproductive system of our poultry and some of the diseases and disorders that can occur with the reproductive system.

Egg Laying

There are sometimes problems in the reproductive system that can cause problems with egg laying.

Egg Peritonitis

Egg Peritonitis

Egg peritonitis in chickens & ducks is when the lining of the abdomen becomes inflamed due to infection from bacteria. Common after prolapse.

Prolapsed Oviduct

A prolapsed oviduct is when the lower part of a hen’s oviduct turns inside out and is left hanging outside of her vent. This condition

Egg Binding

Sometimes poultry can become egg bound when a large egg ‘gets stuck’ in the oviduct. The bird will usually keep visiting the nest box without being

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Health>Egg Problems

Egg Problems

Egg Problems

Problems with eggs, such as wrinkled, soft or missing shells, blood spots, multiple yolks, watery whites or miniture size eggs.

Keeping the Reproductive System Healthy

Prevention is better than cure, so keeping our birds fit and healthy should be the aim to prevent many health problems.    

Feeding Chickens

Feeding Chickens

Domesticated chickens, especially modern hybrids, are fantastic egg layers; however, this performance increases nutritional demands, so how we feed our chickens has never been so

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poultry grit

Poultry Grit

In this article, you will learn about the purposes of the two different types of poultry grit and how you can feed these together as

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Garlic For Chickens

Garlic for Chickens

In European countries where they consume large amounts of garlic in their diets, they have a lower risk of cancer and are less likely to suffer from heart disease, but what about garlic for chickens?

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Verm-X pellets and liquid

Verm-X for Chickens

How good is Verm-X for chickens? Verm-X comes in a liquid or pelleted formulation and I tried it out over 6 months, but how can you be sure it’s working?

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External Problems

External Problems

Feathers, beak, skin, scales, spurs, eyes, comb, nails, legs and wings. Problems such as lameness, feather loss, external parasite infestation, frostbite, blindness, cuts and wounds.

Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory System

Respiratory problems including Avian Influenza, Aspergillosis, Gapeworm, Infectious Bronchitis and Mycoplasma.


Digestive System

Typical digestive system problems include internal parasites, loss of appetite, swollen crop, bad or sweet-smelling breath, diarrhoea, or messy bottoms.

Reproductive System

Reproductive System

Reproductive system problems include egg-laying problems (but not egg problems) in chickens and other poultry.

Wrinked Egg

Egg Quality

Common quality problems with eggs, such as soft or missing eggshells, wrinkled or misshaped eggs, watery whites, double yolks or blood spots.

Skeletal and Muscular problems

Skeletal, Muscular & Nervous System

Skeletal, muscular and nervous system problems.

Diseases such as Marek’s or Toxoplasmosis.

Cardiovascular and Organs

Cardiovascular & Organs

Diseases and disorders relating to major organs or the cardiovascular system include acute heart failure and Avian Leukosis.


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