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Tim DanielsHello, and thank you for visiting poultrykeeper.com!

My name is Tim Daniels. I live in Herefordshire, U.K. and I started this website in 2008. As I write this, I find it hard to believe it’s 10 years old already! We’ve spent many hours working on the website as you can probably imagine and there have been numerous other authors, enthusiasts and experts helping us along the way.

I have to give credit to my wife though who is the ‘unsung hero’. She does the bulk of the editing, uploading and generally puts in a lot of hours to help it run smoothly whilst I’m busy at work during the week.

As you can probably guess, we’re very proud of what we’ve created. We are constantly looking for published authors and other experts who have a high credibility within our hobby. We are also regularly updating our pages to provide the very best information. You can check the date an article was last updated at the top of the post. Some static pages, such as section pages do not have this information but are still regularly reviewed and updated.

Sorry, we do not accept articles aimed at marketing products or  for the purpose of search engine optimisation.

We feel poultrykeeper.com is one of the best websites the World for information about keeping backyard chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail and Guinea fowl. With over 500 articles and visited by over a million people each year, we are keen to promote our wonderful hobby of keeping poultry.

Social Hub ImageWe’re social

Why not pull up a chair, (the kettle’s on) and join in the conversation with us?

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or (mostly) in our Poultry Forum.

You can contact us too but please remember, as a hobby website (we have day jobs…) we get one heck of a lot of email and requests for help so please note that we simply cannot answer poultry questions by email.

If you have a question, please ask in the comments area of the relevant article or if you can’t find the right topic, use our Poultry Forum.


Our running costs are over £300 per month.. and we don’t sell anything, so we have to have adverts from Google and affiliate links from Amazon and Omlet to survive. I do not want advertising to be intrusive but without the adverts, there can be no poultrykeeper website!

Please think about this if you use an Ad-blocker. Our revenue is falling each year because of these. As a result, we’ve had to add further, more aggressive advertising to compensate. There comes a point when a website costs too much to run that it is shut down. I don’t want that to be poultrykeeper.com.

You can help us

If you find poultrykeeper useful, please consider liking / sharing our pages. It really helps us.

We have no advertising budget so if you are in a position to be able to mention our site in a book, magazine or in a blog post, on another website, on Facebook then again, we are really, really appreciative.

Every recommendation brings a few more visitors and it’s this ‘word of mouth’ that we need to survive.

Our photos

Sebright BantamIf you would like to use a couple of our photos, please get in touch via our contact page, letting us know what you would like to use.

We normally say yes, providing you can credit us.

I’m sorry but some photos are not our copyright so we can’t agree to every request. We don’t allow people to reproduce multiple images except in print.

Articles we write

We enjoy photographing and writing about poultry and are always looking for ways to contribute within the community. As well as this, it gets our name out there and that will hopefully bring us a few visitors back to poultrykeeper. If you have a website or magazine and would like to find out about us writing some content for you, then please contact us.

We are sorry, we cannot share articles on poultrykeeper with you since we are penalised for duplicate content by the search engines which can result in a lower ranking of our articles.

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If you like our site, and would like to link to us, here is the poultrykeeper logo for you to use.


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<a href=”https://poultrykeeper.com/”>poultrykeeper.com</a> – Over 600 Articles on Keeping Chickens and Other Poultry.

Enough about us: let’s talk about you

Is there some information missing on poultrykeeper that you need? Something you can’t find?

Do you have something you need that we’re not providing? (within reason!)

Our poultry forum provides an area for discussion but if there is an article you would like to see researched and published on the site them please leave us a comment below.

Oh.. and we love compliments and constructive criticism, so fire away, we read every comment!

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