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Kent Poultry Show 2015

Kent Poultry Club Autumn Show 2015

We were delighted to welcome our judges; Marcus Walker and Simon McKean. They had travelled down from Huddersfield to officiate for us. A huge thank you to them as they very kindly took the appointment when our original judges realised they had double booked.

Our judges were impressed with the standard of the birds, but, as with most shows at this time of the year there were many that were not through the moult.

They found their Best in Show in the True Bantam section a very well put down black Pekin belonging to Ian Sissons. It’s good to see Ian back in force! Reserve was a fit Light Sussex bantam from our great supporter John Pummell.


All photos are courtesy of Jed Dwight.


Here are the main results of the Kent Poultry Show 2015:

Award Breed Owner
Best in Show and Best True Bantam Pekin Ian Sissons
Reserve Best in Show and Best S/F Bantam Heavy Sussex L.J. Pummell
Best H/F Large Shamo Ian Sissons
Best S/F Large Orpington S & C Fuller
Best S/F Bantam Light and Silkie Regional Champion Silkie J. Williams
Best H/F Bantam OEG T. Borer
Best Rare Breed and Rare Champion Vorwerk J. Freeman
Best Waterfowl Saxony A Wilson & C. Browning
Best Juvenile Pekin Evie Hancock
Best Junior Ko Shamo Ivy Otway
Best Trio Barbu D’Anvers C. & S. Fuller
Best Eggs J. Barden

Thanks to Lorna Luckhurst, the Club Secretary for the show report and results and to Jed Dwight for the photographs.

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