Silver Appleyard Ducks

Silver Appleyard DuckUses: Utility: meat and eggs.
Eggs: 100 to 180 large white eggs.
Origin: U.K.
Weight: Drake: 3.6 – 4.1 Kg, Duck: 3.2 – 3.6 Kg.
Classification: Heavy.
Useful to Know: Silver is the only colour variety. A bantam variety is available: The Miniature Silver Appleyard. A good layer of large white eggs and useful table duck with good flavour.
Photo: A Silver Appleyard Duck. Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson.

The Silver Appleyard duck was created by Reginald Appleyard on his farm called “Priory Waterfowl Farm” at Ixworth near Bury St. Edmonds in Suffolk in the 1930’s. He managed to create this heavy breed that by 9 weeks old could produce a 3 Kg table bird (plucked) with an excellent meat to bone ratio but also one that was capable of laying a good number of large white eggs.

After the Second World War, Silver Appleyard ducks became very rare as the interest in poultry declined in Britain. Tom Bartlett who ran Folly Farm in Gloucestershire and kept 130 breeds of poultry for display to the public was instrumental in reviving the Appleyard during the late 1980’s.

Silver Appleyards are a good all-round duck. They are usually the most active foragers out of all the breeds of heavy duck. They lay large, usually white eggs and often go broody.

The Silver Appleyard was imported into North America during the late 1960’s but they took some 20 years before being readily available as a breed.

Silver Appleyard ducks were admitted to the British Poultry Standards in 1982 and the American Standard of Perfection in 1998.



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