Magpie Ducks

Magpie DuckUses: Exhibition, Utility: meat.
Eggs: 80 to 180 Eggs.
Wales, U.K.
Weight: Drake: 2.5 – 3.2 Kg, Duck: 2 – 2.7 Kg.
Classification: Light.
Colours: Black & White, Blue & White, Chocolate & White, Dun & White.
Useful to Know: Colour patterns of ducklings do not change as they get older which allows early selection.
Photo: A Black and White Magpie Duck.

The Magpie duck originates from Wales, it was developed by Rev. G. Williams and O. Drake shortly after the First World War, possibly from an old Belgian Huttegem breed that looks remarkably similar in appearance from old paintings at that time.

Head of Magpie DuckThe Magpie duck is similar in size and shape as the Khaki Campbell. They are predominantly white but have two areas of black plumage a ‘cap’ on the top of the head and patch on the back. The black ‘cap’ becomes flecked with white as the bird ages and some even turn completely white.

Magpie Ducks entered the British Waterfowl Standards in 1926. They arrived in the United States from Great Britain in 1963 and were admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1977 where Black and White and Blue and White colour varieties are standardised.



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