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Wyandotte Chicken
No. of Eggs
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Uses: Utility (meat) and exhibition.
Origin: America. 
 100 – 200 tinted.
Weight: Cock: 4.08 Kg Min.Hen: 3.17 Kg Min.
Bantam Cock: 1.7 Kg.Hen: 1.36 Kg.
Colours: Barred, Black, Blue, Blue Laced, Buff, Buff Laced, Columbian, Gold Laced, Partridge, Blue Partridge, Silver Pencilled, Silver Laced, Red, White (Standardised UK) Blue Laced, Cuckoo, Violet Laced, White Laced Buff (Bantam)
Useful to Know: Docile and a good choice to have around with children. Available in Bantam size.
Photo: Barred Wyandotte Bantam owned by N.Wilton.

The Wyandotte Chicken originated in the Eastern United States of America. It is thought that several breeders were trying to create an attractive Silver Laced large fowl that was a good utility bird. After some attempts to standardise their individual creations, all of which were slightly different, they eventually found they drew up the common ground between the breeders and a provisional standard. The first Silver Laced Wyandottes were recognised by the American Poultry Association a few years later, in 1883. There are currently 8 standardised large fowl colour varieties in America and 15 in bantam size recognised by the American Bantam Association.

The Wyandotte in England

The Silver Laced Wyandotte reached England shortly after being standardised in America. It was here that breeders realised they could not obtain perfectly marked birds when breeding stock in a single pen. The American Poultry Association Standard called for a white back and shoulders on the males, and this could not produce females with perfect black and white lacing. Double mating was introduced where they used two pens, one with ‘cock breeders’ and ‘pullet breeders’, that would each produce their respective correctly marked birds.Head of Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Many other varieties of Wyandotte soon followed, some even being popular enough to have their own breed club. There are currently 13 colour varieties recognised (listed under Colours in the breed information at the beginning of this page).

New colour varieties are still being created. One of the most recent is Chocolate Partridge, created by Grant Brereton, from an original project started by the late Dr Clive Carefoot. A trio of Chocolate Partridge Wyandottes was on display at the Poultry Club National Exhibition in Stoneleigh 2009.

Photo Right: Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam (pullet).

The Wyandotte as a Utility Bird

In England, farmers used a separate strain of the White Wyandotte as a utility bird from the 1920s onwards, and there were several popular hybrid crosses used to create table birds.

You can find details of crosses in several old poultry farming books of the 1930s, but by far, the most popular crosses were with Light Sussex. You can find further details here on traditional table bird crosses. These utility crosses were short-lived, though and were no longer used as egg producers or table birds once they introduced hybrid Chickens in the 1950s.

Wyandotte Chickens Today

Wyandottes are a popular breed of chicken being kept as a show bird and a back garden pet. They are a docile, medium-sized breed with a rose comb and clean legs that produce up to 200 eggs in their first season of laying, and there is no shortage of stunning colour varieties easily available from poultry breeders in the UK.

Breeding Hints

Their fluffy behind may require a gentle trim if the feathers are getting mucky from droppings, or if mating proves to be unsuccessful.



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Breed Clubs

These are the breed clubs for Wyandotte chickens:

  • UK: The Wyandotte Club: Contact Mr. Jeff Maddock (Secretary) 01229 772556
  • UK: Wyandotte Bantam Club: No contact information at the moment.
  • UK: The Scottish Wyandotte Bantam Club: Contact Mrs. Agnes Aitken (Secretary) 01569 766775
  • UK: The Black Wyandotte Club: Contact Mr E G Crossland (Secretary) 01226 762443
  • UK: The White Wyandotte Club: Contact Mr K Horrobin (Secretary) 01594 836212
  • UK: The Laced Wyandotte Club
  • UK: The Partridge and Pencilled Wyandotte Club: Contact Rhona Duncan (Secretary) [email protected]
  • US: Wyandotte Bantam Club of America
  • AUS: The Wyandotte Club of Australia Inc.

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