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Red Mite

Articles and information about red mites and how to get rid of them.

Symptoms can include hens off lay, pale combs and wattles and hens not wanting to go to roost in infected houses.

How To Spot Red Mite

Red mites are small (up to 1mm long and 0.7mm wide), slow-moving mites. They range in colour from a very light grey, almost translucent to a light brown to blood-red. They turn into the rich red colour after they have had a feed. Their eggs are harder to spot but are …

killing red mite

How to Kill Red Mites

Getting rid of red mite is no easy task and it can be very frustrating knowing they are feeding on your birds at night. This article gives you the information you need on how to kill red mites. Many fanciers have spent a long time treating their chicken house to find …

Red Mites

Red Mites

Red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) are blood-feeding ecto-parasites that lives in cracks and crevices in your chicken house, coming out at night to get a blood feed from your chickens. Red mites (also called chicken mites or poultry mites) cause severe skin irritation and stress to your birds and will cause a …