Curled Toes

Curled Toe Paralysis is when the toes are curled and the chick walks on the tops of his curled toes, rather than the sides of the toes as with crooked toes.

It is painful for the chicks and they will normally die after a few weeks. Incorrect diet of breeding stock or out of date chick crumbs containing insufficient Riboflavin were thought to be the most common causes but more and more research by backyard keepers suggests it’s possible that genetics could be to blame.

Species affected: Chickens – from week old chicks upwards.

Other Names: Curly toes

Symptoms: A chick with curled toes will walk on the tops of the toes and nail.

Area affected: Toes

Causes: a) Incorrect diet for breeders. b) Deficiency in Riboflavin in chicks feed c) Genetics?

Transmission: Hereditary and / or dietary?

Diagnosis: Toes curled.

Prevention: a) Diet of breeding stock b) Incorrect diet / lack of Riboflavin c) Use different parent stock.

Treatment: When curled toes first appear, using a multivitamin drink that contains Riboflavin. If this is not caught immediately, permanent damage is done.

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