Toxoplasmosis is quite rare. A laboratory test can identify it. It is usually kinder to dispatch birds with this condition because it usually ends in death anyway.

Species affected: All.
Other Names: Toxoplasma
Symptoms: In growers: Loss of appetite, uncoordinated and stressed, sometimes walking in circles, muscle spasms, twisted head, paralysis, white droppings, occasionally diarrhoea, a pale shrivelled up comb, blindness.
Causes: A protozoan parasite.
Transmission: Via infected cat droppings, infected worms, beatles, rodents or flies or rotten meat.
Diagnosis: Symptoms above and identification of protozoan parasite in laboratory tests.
Prevention: Control the things that the parasite uses for transmission above.
Treatment: None known.
Risk to Human Health: Infected uncooked meat can cause infection.

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