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Feeding Geese for the Table

From hatching to 3-4 weeks of age goslings should be fed on Goose / Duck Starter Crumbs to get them off to a good start.

goose grower pelletsGoslings will instinctively want to graze and grass should be made available to them, this can be provided in the form of a section of turf if the goslings are kept confined. Alternatively chopped chives or onion tops can be provided.

At 3-4 weeks of age Goose / Duck Grower / Finisher Pellets can be gradually introduced and these can be fed up until finishing. The amounts that individual birds will need will be very dependent upon the quality and quantity of grass available, where there is plenty of grazing only small amounts of additional feed may be required.

Feeding-Geese-for-the-TableGreens and leafy vegetables can also be given as can a little wheat but this should be as a treat only and not in place of a nutritionally balanced pellet.

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