Buff Back / Grey Back Geese

Uses: Utility – meat. Eggs: 25 to 35 white eggs per year.
Weight: Gander: 8.2 – 10 Kg. Goose: 7.3 – 9.1 Kg.
Colours: Buff and White / Grey and White.
Useful to Know: A good all-round Goose that can make a good broody
Photo: A Buff Back Goose.

Buff Back / Grey Back Geese are pied medium weight geese, originating from the Northern part of Europe. Grey Back Geese are easy to confuse with Pomeranian Geese – In the UK, they are two different breeds.

The English Buff Back and Grey Back are dual lobed geese, usually orange in the bill, and the same shape as the English Embden and commercial Embden geese. They have a separate class at the larger shows and the two types were standardised in the UK because they could not be shown in the same class. Buff Pied Pomeranian have recently been introduced in Germany so it is even easier to confuse Buff Back with Buff Pied Pomeranian as well as Grey Back with Pied Grey Pomeranian. In the U.S. they mix up the two types. Most strains have good temperaments when hand reared, lay well and are reasonably plump so make a good all-round goose. They will often go broody if kept as a pair or trio. Buff Back Geese were first standardised in the UK in 1982.


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