Scots Grey Chickens

Scots Grey ChickenUses: Rare Breed, Utility – eggs. Eggs: 180 – 200 white.
Origin: Great Britain.
Weight: Cock: 3.2Kg, Hen: 2.25Kg.
Bantam: Cock: 620-680g, Hen: 510-570g.
Colour: Steel grey background with black barring.
Useful to Know: More popular in its native country of Scotland than elsewhere in Britain.

The Scots Grey was originally called the Scotch Grey and originated in Scotland where it has existed since the 1800’s. It was a popular breed until the 1930’s but today, there are only a small number of dedicated breeders.

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Breed Clubs:

  • UK: The Scots Grey Club – Dougie Lindsay, tel: 01361 882965
  • Australia: The Scots Grey Club of Australia – [email protected]


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