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Marsh Daisy Chickens

Marsh Daisy Chicken
No. of Eggs
Easy to Keep?

Uses: Rare Breed.
Eggs: 160 – 210 Tinted.
Origin: Great Britain.
Weight: Cock: 2.5 – 2.95 Kg. Hen: 2.0 – 2.5 Kg.
Colours: Black, Buff, Brown, Wheaten.
Useful to Know: A good forager and reasonable layer that only exists in large fowl size.
Photo: Marsh Daisy Male owned by Sharon Smith.

Marsh Daisy Chickens originate from Southport in England. They were created in the 1880’s by Mr. J Wright using a bantam Old English Game cock crossed to Cinnamon Malay hens and the resulting male offspring mated to female offspring from a Hamburgh on Leghorn cross. A white rosecombed cock from this mating was crossed back to the Hamburgh / Leghorn hens.Head of Marsh Daisy Chicken

New blood was introduced later in 1913 when a pit game cock was added and the result crossed into Sicilian Buttercups.

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