Goldline Chickens

Hybrid ChickenCross: Multiple but Rhode Island Red would have been used.
Eggs: 300+ Brown Eggs.
Useful to Know: Bovans Goldline is the name of a commercial strain of hybrid hen produced by Joice & Hill Poultry Ltd. The Bovans Goldline was produced after many years of genetic research and is used on farms in the UK to produce eggs. Other producers have different names for similar looking hybrids – for example ISA Brown, and Warren are very similar in their looks.

Bovans Goldline are placid, friendly birds and one of the biggest egg producers during their early years. They have an excellent feed to egg ratio although due to the enormous amount of eggs they lay, their diet becomes very important to allow them to sustain such this high production.Good quality feed, fed ad-lib and fresh drinking water is essential for these hens.

Egg quality can deteriorate faster later on in life than layers that produce smaller numbers of eggs if they are pushed too hard in their early years (with artificial lighting for example). In general, these birds will produce a large number of eggs during their first 3 to 4 years, even up to 330 eggs in their first year.

Bovans Goldline are colour-sexable as day old chicks. This ‘sex-linked’ trait means male chicks can be discarded at birth, keeping costs down by rearing only females.

Rhode Island Red Crossed with Light Sussex Chicks

They are not commonly found on commercial farms in the U.S. Leghorn strains are mainly used in American since the market demands white eggs rather than brown.

If you are looking for a hen that will be very friendly and good with children, or eggs are your main concern, these hens should definitely be on your short list.


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  • Yes, chickens will gobble up mice, frogs and anything else they come across that moves!

    In the UK DEFRA say we must not feed meat or animal derivatives to chickens but when a hen picks up a mouse and goes running off across the field… try and stop them 😉

    • Keshar whitelock

      OK thanks for that.
      Helpful to know and not that I have some weird vampire hens (ha ha)

  • The golden colour on the left is the female.

    • John in York

      thanks Tim 7 5 to the cockerels. Worse than York City Football Cluc

  • Not really – they are built for laying so have very little meat on them. You want to choose a table bird.

  • I only know the UK market – there are birds produced by ROSS as an example – but ask people locally. As far as pure breeds go, try reading this page:

    You can go for a pure breed such as Indian Game (Cornish in the US) or buy in some pure breeds to cross that will make good meat birds.

  • Judy Dennison

    Are they cold-tolerant in mild winters?

  • Farahana Zamri

    what type of crossing did they use to produce this bovans goldline hybrid chicken?

    • There will have been many crosses to perfect the qualities of the hybrid. The adult breeding stock will not be a pure breed that is recognised by any poultry standard.

  • Whilst I think the RIR is in there somewhere, there will have been many crosses to get to the parent stock of the Goldline. It is of course a commercial bird so the way it was created is not published and we can only speculate.

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