Friesian Chickens

Freisian ChickenUses: Rare Breed Conservation.
Eggs: 150-180 white.
Origin: North coast of The Netherlands.
Weight: Cock: 1.4 – 1.6Kg. Hen: 1.2 – 1.4Kg.
Bantam: Cock: 550 – 650g. Hen: 450 – 550g
Colours: Gold Pencilled, Silver Pencilled, Chamois Pencilled.
Useful to Know: Extremely rare now in the UK, yet a very attractive with dark orange eyes, white ear lobes and coming in some attractive colour varieties .
Photo: Chamois Pencilled Fresian Fowl owned by Robin Benson. Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Friesian chickens (or Friese Hoenkriel) originate in the very isolated northern coastal region of The Netherlands where they remained pretty much undiscovered until relatively recently. They are thought to have existed for at least 1000 years and have been pretty much untouched during this time.

The Fresian is a very small breed and the bantam version is about the same size as a Dutch Bantam. They are active foraging breed. In their native region, they were required to find most of their own food to survive.



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  • rustinasams

    I was given what I was told was a small bantam rooster. He looks exactly like this one pictured above. They said he was a “house trained” rooster and they actually walked him on a little leash! I have had some chickens, but never a rooster. Any information for me would be appreciated, especially now reading that he is rare.

    • Wow, never heard of a chicken on a leash before! There are some pet geese that live with people and have a harness / leach. On a serious note, remember chickens are flock animals and he will need some company of his own species to be happy.

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