Barnevelder Chickens

Barnevelder Chicken
No. of Eggs
Easy to Keep?

Uses: Utility – Egg Layer.
Eggs: 180 – 230 brown.
Origin: Barnevelder, The Netherlands.
Weight: Cock: 3.2 – 3.6Kg Hen: 2.7 – 3.2Kg.
Bantam Cock: 910g Hen: 740g
Colours: Black, Double Laced, Partridge (extinct), Silver.
Useful to Know: Barnevelders lay attractive brown eggs. The Double Laced is the only variety standardised in both the Netherlands and America and the most popular variety available in the UK today.
Photo: Double Laced Barnevelder Bantam Pullet owned by F.C. and J.M Millward.

Barnevelder chickens were created around the town of Barnevelder which lies east of Utrecht in the Netherlands around 1913. The breed is well known for laying brown eggs.

The British Barnevelder club was formed in 1922, at a time when there was a lot of variation in plumage patterns both in the UK and The Netherlands. Because there was no standard to translate directly from the Netherlands, the club collected samples of feathers from the most eminent breeders in both countries and devised a breed standard.

This was approved by the Poultry Club of Great Britain and entered the British Poultry Standards in 1923. The Barnevelder was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection much later in 1991.

In the Netherlands, only Double Laced Barnevelders have been standardised.



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