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Our blog shares some of our experiences with poultry and offers some tips along the way.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Zoe Brodie-James has written a number of articles on the welfare of ducks for us, some of which have been quite moving but none of them have been quite so emotive as this one which focusses on foie gras [liver fat] and its production. Gavage [noun: The administration of food …


Rats: I Get Them Also!

There can be little doubt: some people display a degree of innocence over the problem of rats. There are those people who think they have no other option than to put up with them and those people who think they will go away or have done so when the digging …

Ethics of Pinioning

Four Ethical Perspectives on Pinioning

There has been great debate about the practise of pinioning waterfowl species recently with the law being open to misinterpretation leaving breeders, private collectors and conservation organisations open to criticism and pondering their own moral path. Legally it’s yet to be decided if this practice should be allowed to continue, …

Diseases Common to Polands

The Poland is recognised instantly by its massive crest, the exhibition Poland is truly a sight to behold. Sprightly and erect, birds have a fairly long body, similar to a long ‘u’ with a full neat tail carried somewhat low. There are some diseases that are common in Poland chickens. …

Poland Chickens

Breed in Focus: The Poland

The Poland is an old breed, although its ancestry is unclear due to many countries having laid claim to its making. Some books connect the type with the Paduan (Patavinian) fowl. What is clear is that this was originally a utility breed for both table and egg, with the bantam …