Diseases Common to Polands

Poland Chicken Head

The Poland is recognised instantly by its massive crest, the exhibition Poland is truly a sight to behold. Sprightly and erect, birds have a fairly long body, similar to a long ‘u’ with a full neat tail carried somewhat low. There are some diseases that are common in Poland chickens.

Diseases Common to Silkies

White Silkie Chicken Head

Silkies are unfortunately prone to a few different poultry diseases. In this article, Lawrence provides some information on diseases that he has found are common to the Silkie chickens.

Exhibiting Silkies: The Breed Standard

Exhibiting Silkies Breed Standard

Judge Louise Carpenter judging Silkies at the Reading Bantam Show. In this article, Laurence, who has previously judged at the National level, examines the Silkie Breed Standard and provides some tips and tricks for exhibiting Silkie chickens. Probably one of the most popular of the exhibition breeds and certainly one of the best suited for […]

Poland Chickens

Breed in Focus The Poland

The Poland or Polish as it’s called in some parts has a remarkable crest of feathers, it’s an outstanding breed and was one of the first to be standardised. 

Silkie Chickens

Silkie Chickens

Silkie Chickens are unique with pompom, 5th toe, black skin and profuse fluffy plumage: characteristics, genetics, incubation and lots of photos of the colours.

Electric Poultry Netting

Electric Poultry Netting

One of the joys of keeping chickens is to see them wandering around the garden going about their chicken business (or destroying your annual bedding depending on your point of view!), and there is nothing more satisfying than watching a group of stately Orpingtons sailing across your lawn like a determined armada. They become pets, […]

15 Tips and Tricks for Exhibiting Show Chickens

Tips for Showing Chickens

Laurence has a lot of exhibiting show chickens and judging them, right up to the National level. This article provides some excellent tips for showing chickens to newcomers wanting to show their poultry. Showing chickens is a popular hobby that all the family can enjoy, and all shows have prizes for junior keepers, and many […]

Fixing Specific Traits into your Line

Head of White Sultan Chicken

Following on from Making your Own Line of birds, Laurence Beeken looks at how to fix specific traits into your line and how to introduce fresh blood when necessary.

Making your Own Line of Birds

Making your own line of chickens

If you are familiar with showing and breeding then you will almost certainly recognise the reference to a ‘line’ or a ‘strain’ and this becomes immediately obvious when you start to look at show winners. A particular exhibitor will have a row of birds all appearing exactly the same, and in fact the average member of […]