Black Rock Chickens


Cross:Unique strain of Rhode Island Red Cock / Barred Plymouth Rock Hen.

Eggs: Around 280 Brown Eggs.

Useful to Know: The parent strains are unique and have undergone careful selection over many years in order to maintain their essential qualities. Crossing other strains of Rhode Island Red with Plymouth Barred Rock will not yield the same results. Be aware, there are many imitations that are being called Black Rocks but will not yield the same sort of results. There is only one Black Rock Hatchery in Scotland that supplies distributors throughout the UK and that is currently Crosslee Poultry Farm.

The Black Rock Chicken is a hybrid cross from selected strains of Rhode Island Red (cockerels) and Barred Plymouth Rock (hens). This parent stock originally came from ??? in 1973 and was in the hands of Peter and Margaret Siddons of Muirfield Hatchery in Scotland for 37 years until 2010 when the parent stock was bought by Eddie Lovett at Crosslee Poultry Farm.

Black Rock Hens have been a very popular hybrids for smallholders and organic farms over the last 30 years since they are good foragers, have dense feathering to protect them from the elements and have a good strong immune system.

Black Rock Chicks and Pullets can be bought around the country but do check you are buying from an approved distributor. Black Rock chicks are all hatched at Crosslee Poultry Farm and sold on to distributors as day old chicks where they grow them on to Point of Lay to sell.

Black Rocks will lay around 280 brown eggs in their first year and unlike some high production hybrids that lay more eggs in their first year, maintain good shell quality throughout their lives.



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