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Chicken Guard Automatic Chicken Door
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ChickenGuard Automatic Chicken Door

The ChickenGuard is one of the latest automatic chicken door opener/closers. In this Equipment Focus, I test the Chicken Guard Premium model on one of my chicken coop doors.

Omlet Chicken House
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The Ultimate Guide to Chicken Houses

The ultimate guide to chicken houses, exploring features you will need to keep your chickens happy, healthy and safe from predators in their coop.

Cheap Chicken Coops
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Cheap Chicken Coops

I have always said “you get what you pay for” with chicken houses after seeing a number of really cheap chicken coops bought from Ebay

Art of the Chicken Coop Book Review
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Art of the Chicken Coop Book Review

One of the biggest expenses when you decide to start keeping chickens is that of the housing. Your chickens may be relatively cheap, but if you’re looking to buy a coop you can expect to pay anything from a hundred to several hundred pounds. It can be eye watering, and makes a lie of the ‘cheap supply of eggs’ waffle spouted by enthusiasts like me. So if you’re in any way handy, building your own hen accommodation can be a much more viable alternative. Chris Gleason’s ‘Art Of The Chicken Coop’ attempts to offer some inspiration.

Cheap Chicken or Duck House
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A Cheap Chicken or Duck House

The ‘cheap’ Chicken or Duck house cost me about £25 to build, yet is the most sturdy, well-insulated house I have! Normally my advice to

What Size Chicken House
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What Size Chicken House do I Need?

A hen house (or chicken Coop) is probably the biggest investment you will make. Assuming your hens will be able to come out of the chicken house