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Keeping Chickens

Time for the Annual Moult

It’s mid-October and the chickens are in the middle of their annual moult. This is the time they take a rest from laying eggs and need a little extra care and attention.

Sheltering Chickens from the Rain

Chickens can cope well with cold weather, but what shelter do you need to provide for them during wet weather? Of course, small runs can be

Moulting (Feather Loss)

Feathers get damaged and look a little tatty over the course of a year, so it is perfectly normal for birds to replace them from

Chickens Moulting
Keeping Chickens

Chickens Moulting: Symptoms, Diet & Care

Chickens moulting their plumage in autumn can be stressful, so we need to provide the correct moulting chickens diet and take care of their needs at this time.