What Housing Do Turkeys Need?

A garden shed is ideal for turkeys to live in. For example a trio of turkeys in a small 6 x 8 foot shed would be fine. Try to allow enough extra space to be able to keep them in during the day if the weather is bad.

Heritage or Standard Turkeys are very hardy and are happy to go outside in cold weather but do need shelter from the wind, rain and snow. In the summer months they also need shade and at all times, like other poultry, they need to be protected from predators, especially foxes.

Housing should provide adequate ventilation, just like poultry housing so if you are using a garden shed, ensure you make vents at the top of the house but don’t allow the turkeys to get in any drafts. They will find their own place to sleep and they do like to perch. A sturdy perch around 5cms (3 to 4 inches) diameter placed a meter (3 foot) off the ground is ideal for them. Poults try to perch quite early on but this can damage their breast bone so try not to allow this too young.

Cover the floor in a thick layer of wood shavings. This provides many advantages. Firstly, it absorbs moisture from droppings and makes the air ‘sweeter’ for them to breathe, and secondly, it provides some cushioning for them to land on when coming off their perches which can reduce the chance of foot problems like bumblefoot.

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