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Are Ducks Noisy?

Are Ducks Noisy

Before getting some ducks for the back garden, many people ask the question “are ducks noisy?”  Many of us have neighbours to consider, and just like a crowing cockerel can be a problem, some ducks can make quite a bit of noise.

The noise ducks make will depend on the breed and the number of ducks you keep. The time of year is also a factor, ducks will spend more time outside in the summer months and will make more noise during the breeding season. Call ducks, even though very small, as their name suggests, are the noisiest.

Are call ducks noisy?

Although very small (and cute), Call ducks can be fairly loud. They are popular pet ducks for the garden but remember they were originally bred as a decoy duck to use on ponds and lakes, either in large wildfowl traps or to lure in wild ducks, or to bring wild ducks in range of the wildfowlers’ guns.

Noisy Call Ducks

They needed to have a loud ‘call’ to attract the attention of passing wildfowl. 

Are Call ducks noisy? Well, no other duck breeds is as noisy as the Call!

Other ducks

Other bantam ducks and light ducks are quieter than the Call. When they do quack, it is usually quite quiet in comparison to the noisy little Call duck. Indian runner ducks for example aren’t particularly noisy. 


Ducks are by no way as loud as a cockerel crowing, which, as well as being loud, is piercing due to the crow’s high pitch.

The main factor to consider as far as neighbours are concerned is when the noise is being made. Many people don’t mind some noise during the daytime, so if you keep your ducks housed until people are awake, most people will be reasonably tolerant of a little noise from neighbours.

So, are ducks noisy? 

Personally, I would say no. In comparison to chickens, they aren’t. When they make louder quacking noises, it isn’t as loud as a cockerel, and it isn’t as shrill – but most of all, not likely to be a 4 am!

If you are thinking of getting ducks, my Beginners Guide to Keeping Ducks covers the basics and is a good place to start!

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