Raising Chicks: Setting Up A Brooder

Brooding Chicks

Raising chicks that were hatched in an incubator. How to set up a brooder and heat lamp or panel to care for chicks hatched at home in easy steps.

Looking After Chickens in Ten Easy Steps

Looking After Chickens

Looking after chickens is relatively easy, but like all animals, they still need care and consideration. Follow these ten steps to looking after chickens, and you’ll soon be collecting eggs from your happy hens! Step 1: Find out whether you can keep chickens First, you need to make sure there are no clauses in your […]

What are the Best Laying Hens: Hybrids or Pure Breeds?

Best Laying Hens

What are the best laying hens for eggs – Hybrids or pure-breeds? Anne looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the two and makes some suggestions as to which are the best laying hens for the backyard chicken keeper. Most of us start keeping chickens for their eggs – and why not?  Eggs warm from […]

Broody Hen Care

Caring for a broody hen

How to care for a broody hen raising chicks. Tips for rearing chicks with a broody hen and providing broody hen care.

Beginners Guide to Keeping Guinea Fowl

Beginners Guide to Keeping Guinea Fowl

Charming, fascinating birds – or noisy and disruptive? Guinea fowl often generate mixed emotions. There are a few notable differences to other poultry, so this beginners guide to keeping guinea fowl should help you get started.

Chickens and Holidays: How to Get Away

Chickens and Holidays

Anne asks the question we should have all asked before buying our chickens: What do you do with chickens when you go on holiday? Chickens and holidays don’t always go together, so here are some tips to help you get away. It’s not the chickens that need a holiday but their hard-pressed owners. The only […]

How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

How much space for chickens

Many of us have relatively small back gardens these days, and if you get the urge to keep some chickens, you might start wondering whether it’s possible to squeeze them in! Anne asks “How much space do chickens need?” How long is a piece of string? Although chickens will appreciate all the room you can […]