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Sex Linked Crosses
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Sex-Linked Crosses and their Offspring

Crossing genetically gold and silver birds can result in a useful sex linkage. Still, it only works one way around, and there are often questions about the offspring they produce.

Sexing Chicks
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Sexing Chicks: How to Sex Chicks

A popular question from people incubating and hatching eggs is how to sex chicks? – how can you tell if they are male or female? Sexing chicks while young isn’t easy, but as they start to grow, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

Gold and Silver Sex Linkage
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Gold and Silver Sex-Linkage

Many years ago, a group of scientists in Cambridge discovered that certain characteristics are passed down from parent birds to their sons and not their

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Autosexing Poultry

Autosexing breeds are pure breeds of poultry that have different coloured male and female young as day-olds.