Feeding Ducklings

Up to 3 weeks old, ducklings should be fed waterfowl starter crumbs or unmedicated chick crumbs. You can start them off the day after hatching by sprinkling a few crumbs on the floor of the brooder near a feeder that they will eventually use.

They won’t usually start eating during the first 24-48 hours but don’t worry, the yolk sack from the egg is absorbed into their body before they hatch and provides them with sufficient nutrition during this time. Ducklings can be allowed to eat as much as they want, so keep feeders topped up and allow free access. Continue reading

Do Gardening and Poultry Keeping Go Together?

Let half a dozen adult hens have the run of the garden and they will take over completely, scratching up your best plants and making dust baths in the dahlias.

Spotting exactly where you dig and plant, they are always first in the queue for juicy morsels turned up by your trowel and selfishly snip the delicate beginnings of your seedlings before they have a chance to mature into something edible or pretty.

It may sound like a match made in hell but with some forethought, poultry can actually enhance your gardening efforts. Continue reading

Can You Feed Ducklings Chick Crumbs?

A common question I hear is ‘Can you feed ducklings chick crumbs’. The answer is yes, you can feed chick crumbs / growers pellets however, they must not be medicated. Ducklings and goslings should not be fed medicated feeds that are for chicks since they can die from some of the coccidiostats (drugs) that are used in the feed to prevent coccidiosis. Continue reading