Czech Geese

Uses: Utility – meat. Eggs: 10 to 25 white eggs per year.
Germany / Czech Republic.
Weight: Gander: 5 – 5.5 Kg. Goose: 4 – 4.5 Kg.
Colours: White.
Useful to Know: Czech Geese are very similar in appearance to Roman Geese but are smaller in size. The lightest of geese useful if you are limited for space.
Photo: Best of Breed Czech Goose at the British Waterfowl Association National Exhibition 2010 owned by Denise Moss.

Czech Geese are very short and stocky and one of the lightest geese at only 4.5 to 5.5 Kg. They are a lively goose and keep active and alert. These Geese were developed in Germany but the original birds came from Bohemia, an area occupying the western two-thirds of the former Czechoslovakia, now called the Czech Republic.

The Czech Goose was standardised in 2008 in the UK. They are called Tschechische Gänse in Germany.



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