Grass Control with Geese

Geese need a lot more space than is available in the average garden. Whilst it is perfectly possible to supplement their diet with wheat and poultry layers pellets (see Feeding Geese in our FAQ section on Geese), unless you are fortunate enough to have a paddock, orchard or similar with about a half-acre of grass then it isn’t very fair to keep them.

geese feedingUnlike some other poultry, geese can make quite a lot of noise so people with close neighbours may find it difficult to keep the peace. Foxes can be an additional problem, it is a challenge to make large areas of land fox proof as foxes will dig under as well as climb over a fence. An electric fence is one of the better solutions and it is possible to keep foxes out, providing the fence is maintained and tested regularly to ensure it is active. Where a suitable space is available to graze a small flock of geese, it can be hugely rewarding. Geese have fantastic characters and unlike ducks, they do not wander far. Once trained to stay in a particular area, they will usually stay put.

Keeping a few geese in an area to keep the grass under control can be beneficial. Not only are they very environmentally friendly ‘lawn mowers’ but they are also adding manure to the ground as they go. Geese add a certain element of security to the immediate vicinity, making a lot of noise when something unfamiliar comes near which can alert you to unwanted visitors or predators nearby.

Grass needs to be kept short and fresh for geese. Whilst they will eat seed heads and strands of long grass, there should also be an area of shorter fresh grass for them of geese

If you are contemplating having a few geese for grass control then it’s definitely worth considering the pros and cons but if you are a lover of poultry already and have the commitment to looking after geese, you probably won’t hesitate in making the initial investment for the pleasure of their company!

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