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General Quail

Articles about keeping Quail. From our beginners guide to information on feeding and breeding, there are a range of general articles on Quail here.

Breeding Quail

Breeding Quail

Quail are becoming more popular to keep for their delicious eggs but if you would like to increase your stock levels or sell hatching eggs, there are a few tricks to ensure you are getting good levels of fertility. The optimum temperature to keep a breeding pen is around 21°C. …

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs weigh in on average at just 12 grams (compared to around 60g for a hens egg). They are enjoyed by most hard-boiled in salads and are eaten in a small mouthful. If you enjoy quail’s eggs then you might be tempted to keep a few quail to be …

Feeding Quail

Quail are popular birds to keep for their delicious eggs. They will usually come into lay at approximately 8-12 weeks of age. Really productive strains of Japanese or Coturnix quail as they are sometimes called can lay up to 300 eggs in a year, but for this level of egg production …