Kraienköppe Chickens

Uses: Rare Breed / Eggs.Kraiencoppe Chicken Eggs: 150-180 off white.
Origin: The Netherlands and Germany. 
Weight: Cock: 2.5-2.95 Kg. Hen: 1.8-2.5 Kg.
Bantam Cock: 850g. Hen: 740g.
Colours: Silver, Golden (Standardised UK) and Black Breasted Red.
Useful to Know: Classified as a rare breed. Known as Kraienköppe in Germany and the UK, Twentse in The Netherlands. Male have a very loud crow.
Photo: Kraienköppe hen owned by K. Beardsmore.

The Kraienköppe was created on the border between Germany and The Netherlands and are thought to have been created from crosses between Malays, Leghorns and local farmyard fowl in the early part of the 19th century.

Kraiencoppe HeadKraienköppe have a rather fierce look and have some inherited temperament from the Malay although generally they are good-natured. They are active foragers and hardy birds so are best kept in a free range environment to thrive. Hens will go broody and will lay even in cold weather. The Kraienköppe should not be confused with the breed called Kraaikoppen in The Netherlands (Breda in the UK) which has a similar spelling. They are not yet recognised by the American Standard of Perfection but can be found in America.

Photo right: Kraienköppe hen owned by K. Beardsmore.



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