Here are a few links to other sites that we've found useful.

Poultry Supplies

  • Amazon Marketplace - Another place to buy poultry supplies. The price is usually competitive as there are multiple sellers.
  • GJW Titmus - Sell feeds, grit and numerous other products at reasonable prices.
  • Omlet - Sell a huge range of poultry supplies.
  • Pet Planet - Again, a good range of poultry products.

Chicken Houses

  • Chicken Coops Direct - Offers a range of very cheap chicken coops.
  • Omlet - Love them or hate them, plastic chicken houses are here to stay and are wonderfully easy to clean when red mite is involved.
  • Taylors Garden Buildings - Have a range of budget chicken coops that are worth looking at.

Poultry Forums

  • The Poultry Forum - Our own forum has to be mentioned first of course! A friendly forum with sections for all kinds of poultry.
  • The Poultry Site - There's a good bunch of people here although sometimes I find it can get hit by spammers.

Other Poultry Websites

  • Keeping Chickens - A Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens with lots of sound advice.
  • The Poultry Allotment website is a useful resource.
  • Guinea fowl UK is a website with lots of interesting information about caring for and keeping these interesting birds.

Chicken Keeping Courses

  • Chicken School provides a 1-2-1 chicken keeping course tailored for you and your family, either at your or our premises. Professional courses will teach you everything you need to know.

Chicken Holidays

Other Sites