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  • Yes I agree with BB, definitely use Flubenvet regularly.,Mine get it 2-3 times per year, but they don't free range so much as hers. Buy a tub online, which will provide 20 doses, ie will do yours 4 times. It's easy to measure out a...

  • I would say she is wanting to get back to her chicks or eggs Chickenfan. I suggest not letting her go broody again so soon as she needs building up for at least a month. Don't know what to suggest? She needs some kind of...

  • ElmdeneWhat breeds do you keep? I think chickens are amazing creatures, very intelligent and home orientated, otherwise places like the chicken roundabout would not exist, what did bother me, reading a bit about it, was how on earth do they get enough water?

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  • The Reading and District Bantam Society Championship show was held last weekend (21st-22nd February) and I was thrilled to have been there for the first time to take some photos.

  • On Sunday, I packed my photography gear and a pair of my best ducks and headed off to the 27th National Championship Waterfowl Exhibition held at Moreton Morrrel near Warwick. As the winter show season approaches and I decide which shows to go to, the BWA National is always high …

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