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  • I Agree with what Chris says, of course it depends on how you like your chicken, I always stew them so the toughness isn't an issue for me and I like the extra darkness in the meat from them being a bit older. You are...

  • Hi Sharon, and a big welcome to the Forum. You'll see my posts above, in this thread, and can only say that my Green Frog is still going strong two years on, no signs of deterioration, still very easy to clean, no redmite, well ventilated,...

  • Yes, it is interesting. Thymol (not quite sure exactly what it is, but it is extracted from thyme) is used in beekeeping (it used to be used more than it is now as more commercial products are on the market) as something to try to...

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  • Between June and July, there are lots of young fox cubs learning how to hunt and during this time, they are testing my electric fence, on the look out for a cheeky chicken snack!

  • This month, I am extremely pleased to welcome Jeremy Hobson to our blog. Jeremy is the author of numerous poultry books and magazine articles about poultry keeping which have taught me so much over the years.Although Jeremy may be no spring chicken himself, (Jeremy's words not mine...!) here he suggests some ways of preparing for and ensuring healthy, early, chicks from your breeding stock.

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