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  • I cannot get my head round genetics, too scientific and complicated.When my purebred lemon cuckoo Pekin, Pierre joined his 7 purebred ladies, 1 blue, 1 lavender, 2 lavender cuckoo, 1 Millefleur, 1 white and 1 lemon cuckoo ,I incubated the first 13 eggs. Of the...

  • Your allotment and run must be 60 metres by at least 10 metres wide so I was going to suggest you make another run around the cube using 50 metres of electric poultry netting which you could move up and down your allotment when the...

  • She better not turn into a cockerel. I've given them a good talking to - no cabbage for cockerels! Blaze used to do do the classicBok - bok - bok - bokuuurkQuite often. I thought it was 'I've laid an egg' but that didn't...

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  • On Sunday, I packed my photography gear and a pair of my best ducks and headed off to the 27th National Championship Waterfowl Exhibition held at Moreton Morrrel near Warwick. As the winter show season approaches and I decide which shows to go to, the BWA National is always high …

  • There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get a good supply of eggs and store them correctly before they reach your plate.

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