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  • Just how some of our egg boxes used to look Eirwen. Customers used to get very curious about the blue egg.

  • You could try http://www.electricfence-online.co.uk for kits, they seem to be reasonable in price and I've always had good service from them. I would say though, that you need to make sure you have a covered area within the run, as if you have buzzards above,...

  • I have been following this thread for the last couple of days between my travels and can see there are strong opposing views. I don't believe in over-moderating a forum, people are entitled to their views and I have my own (fairly strong) views on...

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  • This month, I am extremely pleased to welcome Jeremy Hobson to our blog. Jeremy is the author of numerous poultry books and magazine articles about poultry keeping which have taught me so much over the years.Although Jeremy may be no spring chicken himself, (Jeremy's words not mine...!) here he suggests some ways of preparing for and ensuring healthy, early, chicks from your breeding stock.

  • It’s that time of year again when chickens go into moult. This signifies the end of the laying period and can be quite alarming the first time you see your hens almost ‘oven-ready’ but there are a few things you can feed to encourage quick feathering.

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