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  • I was referring to original house. The houses I bought from the sawmill are similar to the Framebow House on Wheels, but are 5' x 5' instead of 4' x 4', and cost £140 (plus £20 for industrial castors) instead of £1400! Keeping...

  • Hi nickndoll, and welcome to the Forum. Could you tell us a few more details about your birds? I presume they're Coturnix. Did you hatch them yourself, if not, how did you buy them? How many weeks old are they now, what ratio of...

  • Was it very new laid? When eggs are less than 48 hours old, the white does have a somewhat different texture from eggs that have had longer in storage. Really new laid ones have a sort of flaky white when cooked. People who have never...

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  • On Sunday, I packed my photography gear and a pair of my best ducks and headed off to the 27th National Championship Waterfowl Exhibition held at Moreton Morrrel near Warwick. As the winter show season approaches and I decide which shows to go to, the BWA National is always high …

  • There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get a good supply of eggs and store them correctly before they reach your plate.

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