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Raising Chicks

From day old chicks to point of lay. With a heat lamp or a broody hen. Feeding, housing and daily care. Everything you need to know.

Heating Brooding Area Chicks

Heating the Brooding Area

It is a wonderful moment to find chicks cheeping away in your incubator when your eggs hatch but you do need to ensure the brooding area is ready for them and is heated to a suitable temperature before moving them in. This article provides you with essential information about providing the …

Rearing Chicks

Rearing Chicks

Rearing your own chicks is certainly not that difficult and certainly doesn’t require any expensive equipment. A cardboard box, heat lamp, wood shavings, chick crumbs and water are all that’s required. You can hatch your own chicks in an incubator from fertile eggs, or you can buy day old chicks from …