Poultry Recipes

In this section, you will find a small selection of recipes that we have tried ourselves and would like to share with you. From the Christmas Turkey roast to pickled Quail eggs, hopefully there is something here that you might like to try.

If you have a poultry recipe that you would like to share here, then please get in touch and we will include it.

Basque Chicken

While spending a year in France during one of my University years, I gained a real appreciation of French cuisine (and of course the French wine!)

I got this recipe from a lovely lady called Madame Dupont that lived a somewhat frugal life in the village where I stayed, she lived with her husband, growing most of their own vegetables and making their own Pineau (an alcoholic spirit found in the South West) from the grapes they grew in their garden. In their cellar was a natural rock face that kept the cellar cool and the humidity high from the damp rock face. They grew the most amazing mushrooms in the cellar that she would use in this recipe. Basque chicken is normally served with rice.


Pickled Quails' Eggs

This recipe was handed down to me from my grandmother and is a favourite in our house when we have a glut of quails eggs.

Pickled chickens eggs are very common in fish and chip shops in the UK but pickled quails eggs are much tastier! The chillies, cayenne pepper, mustard seeds and garlic in this recipe gives the eggs a bit of a kick too.


I find quails' eggs difficult to peel but if you soak them in vinegar first for half an hour or so, they become much easier to peel.


Chicken Or Turkey Satay With Noodles

Ire-discovered this hand written recipe whilst sorting out my recipe box after Christmas. It was perfect timing as we had a reasonable amount of turkey left over from the festivities. The satay sauce has a wonderful nutty taste and it really isn't difficult to make, taking me around 20 minutes to prepare. You can use chicken or turkey in this recipe and it serves 3 to 4 people.


Guinea Fowl With Garlic And Rosemary

Guinea fowl makes a great alternative to chicken. Related to the chicken and partridge and have a slightly gamey taste but the taste is very subtle, not as strong as pheasant.

Guinea fowl meat is low in cholesterol and high in protein. It is a great source of vitamin B6, niacin and selenium. Try to buy free range, rather than intensively-reared birds or maybe you could even grow your own! Guinea fowl are great watchdogs, and mop up many insects and bugs around the garden and are very easy to pluck.


Roast Turkey At Christmas

Cooking your Christmas turkey is a huge responsibility. You have the Christmas celebrations going on around you and more often than not family or visitors joining you for lunch. The pressure is definitely on. One too many glasses of sherry and you could end up with a disaster!

roast-turkeyDon't panic. I've had a word with my mum who always has the Turkey well under control.... She's a great cook and she's written down her secrets for me to share with you to make sure you can not only roast your Christmas Turkey but also get it done without too much stress on Christmas Day.


Roast Goose

In days gone by, Goose was the preferred choice for Christmas lunch in the UK. It seems to making a bit of a come back lately as people look for tasty alternatives to the now traditional turkey lunch.

Goose meat is darker and richer than turkey meat and there is more fat on a goose. Most of the fat comes out during the cooking process though. Goose fat can in fact be bought in the supermarkets in the run up to Christmas as many people use it for cooking. If you haven't tasted roast potatoes that have been cooked with Goose fat then you've really missed a treat! Even though the fat content of goose is greater than other poultry like Chicken or Turkey, it is still comparable to lamb or beef and is a good source of iron and protein.


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