The Domestic Fowl Trust & All Things Wild

In March of 2012 the family based company 'All Things Rural Ltd' bought 'the Domestic Fowl Trust' and have completely refurbished and revamped the company as a whole, making a lot of new and exciting changes and improvements.

We are an all weather family attraction with something for everyone.Domestic-Fowl-Trust

The Domestic Fowl Trust is internationally recognised as a leading expert in poultry keeping. We always have a good range of healthy poultry for sale, along with all the equipment, books, housing, bedding and a wide range of animal feeds available too. Poultry and animal themed gifts are also available in our gift shop.

Our new and improved, ever expanding farm park 'All Things Wild' is home to a wide variety of creatures from claws to paws for you to see and learn about. Including the likes of alpacas, deer, barn owls, rhea, degus, Scottish wildcats and even dinosaurs! You also have the chance to get up close and personal in our Animals Encounter room.

We have both indoor and outdoor playareas perfect for wearing out children's endless energy, as well as pedal go-karts and indoor pedal tractors for when the weather is particularly British and wet. Babies and toddlers will love our indoor playroom with a ball pit designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Older children enjoy our arts and crafts room where they can get creative.

The Speckled Hen Café welcomes everyone and supplies tasty tea and coffee, lovely lunches and scrumptious snacks. You will always find something that tickles your fancy and satisfy's your taste buds. It's perfect to sit and relax in, keeping warm whilst the weather is bitter and cold outside. There are picnic tables outside too for when it's nice and sunny.

We host brilliant birthday parties, educational school visits and also host a mother and toddlers group every Tuesday morning.

To stay true to our name we still sell poultry and all the poultry related goods, our farm park still holds a wide range of rare breed fowl for you to enjoy. We are also now starting poultry courses. The first one being a Poultry Keeping Course for beginners on Friday 8/02/2013 from 10am-1pm.

Our business development is on going and there is always something new to see or do. We hope you come and pay us a visit to see all of our hard work. Our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to answer questions and give advice.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Domestic Fowl Trust.

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