New Poultry Book ‘Breeding For Success’

Released May 2013

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When Michael Roberts approached me to write a second book on poultry breeding, I had very mixed feelings. One the one hand, I was honoured to be asked, but then the memories came flooding back of just how much work was involved in the first one, '21st Century Poultry Breeding.' Plus, would there be a market for those wishing to breed pure poultry to show (and potentially win)? Apparently so.

Another consideration was whether I'd be qualified enough to write such a book. 'What qualifies me?' I'd ask myself. When it comes to showing, I haven't been as consistent as some people over the years (in terms of the amount entered), but I generally do well at the ones in which I compete.

When showing Wyandottes semi-seriously, I managed to get onto Championship Row at the National Show 4 times on the row. In 2009 I won 'Best Overall Trio' with a threesome of Partridge Wyandotte Bantams.



If the above didn't give me a bit of credence, I counted the fact that I'm a Soft Feather judge, and am surrounded daily by winning birds and breeders as part of my Fancy Fowl editor's job; a position I've held for nearly 7 years.

Celebrity Foreword...

All will be revealed in good time, but I was honoured when a celebrity friend I admire and look up to, agreed to write a foreword for my book. Watch this space!! ;)

No Genetics this time...

Grant-BreretonThis new book, 'Breeding For Success' has the primary aim of making the reader a better stocksperson, and to serve as a guide for disciplined and successful breeding - whether this be for exhibition or simply improvement purposes. Chapters will include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Making a Start
  • Understanding Your Breed
  • Breeding
  • Rearing
  • Selection
  • The Shortlist
  • Feed and Nutrition
  • An introduction to Showing
  • The Show in Mind
  • Entering a Show
  • Show Preparation
  • International Shows
  • Showing Trios
  • The Judges' Decisions

** Plus Interviews with Top Breeders and much more...

After writing the first book, I thought that I'd 'done my bit' so to speak and made my contribution. But apparently not! People always want more, and this I find extremely flattering (although it can be hard-work finding what you consider to be quality material). I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you for supporting me and GBPoultry! No doubt the book will be available on Amazon and prices will be undercut ferociously to get sales, but I would ask you to please support the author. The people who are happy to make 50p on a sale, can't offer signed copies and haven't put in the months of hard-work that it takes to put such a publication together!

All best wishes,

Grant Brereton

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