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TV Company Looking for Families wanting a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Betty, a Television Production Company would like to get in touch with families who would like to live more self-sufficient lifestyles - for a TV series they are developing.

Do you live in a town or city and long for the chance to reconnect with the food that is on your family’s plate? Are you in the process of converting your garden or outdoor space into a place that sustains anything from a vegetable patch, to a chicken coop or even a cow? Perhaps you are attempting to press your own apples, brew your own beer or preserve fruit and veg, all from the comfort of your own home?


Plant Trees to have Happier Hens and Cracking Eggs

The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity is encouraging poultry keepers to plant trees on their land to provide natural cover for their hens and increase the quality of the eggs they produce.


Chickens foraging amongst trees. Photo courtesy of Peter Dean.

Trees offer a range of significant benefits to hens, and the Woodland Trust is looking for people who own hens to consider tree planting on their land in time for this year’s autumn/winter planting season.


Chicken Chic goes Classic Camo

Reversing last year's stand-out High Vis statement, the perennial military trend hits the coops this season with the launch of Omlet's Camouflage Chicken Jacket. Camouflage chicken jacket

Whether they're dolling themselves up for a night out, preparing for battle against an army of henpeckers or forming a disguise to keep badly behaved cockerels at bay, cool chicks, army birds and rowdy hens go mad for a bit of camo.

Offering great comfort and protection with a breathable, showerproof fabric outer, the jackets are ideal for keeping your hens warm, dry and clean when doing battle on rough terrain (your garden) as well as giving them serious street cred. Ex-battery hens especially will appreciate this khaki garment to keep their bald bits warm and hidden so the other troops don't laugh at them. Perfect for medium sized chickens, the adjustable velcro fastening ensure a comfy fit every time.


The National Championship Waterfowl Exhibition 2014

The British Waterfowl Association (BWA) will present its 27th National Championship Waterfowl Exhibition on Sunday 26th October 2014 at Moreton Morrrel near Warwick.

The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for visitors to view hundreds of ducks and geese as well as receive advice from BWA members.


Omlet sets New Heights in Chicken Housing

Omlet take a step up in chicken housing with their latest coop - the Eglu Go UP.

With all the benefits of the Eglu Go on legs, the Eglu Go Up is easy to clean, easy to move and no more bending down to collect eggs. Perfect for the first time henkeeper, it's straightforward to use and comes complete with everything you need to start your new hobby including feeder, drinker and egg boxes.


Students, Free Range Eggs And Lupins....

Aberystwyth University's free range egg supplier Birchgrove Eggs is feeding its laying hens with UK grown lupins to replace imported soya in their diet.

Birchgrove supplies Aberystwyth University with over 4000 eggs per week, and in a commercial trial for a research project with scientists at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), they are feeding their hens a layers mash where most of the protein component of the feed is provided by yellow lupins instead of the usual soya protein.

Aberystwyth-eggsSoya traditionally made up a considerable percentage of the poultry feed and using a home grown alternative which does not affect egg quality contributes to assured provenance and sustainability.

Birchgrove Eggs is undertaking an 18 week commercial trial as part of a collaborative research and development project between industry and academia where Aberystwyth University is one of 12 partners.

Based in Trawscoed near Aberystwyth, the company is run by Tony and Gwen Burgess. Tony said; "We are delighted to be partners in this important research project that has already shown the potential to generate real nutrition and possible future cost benefits for poultry producers across the UK.


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