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Students, Free Range Eggs And Lupins....

Aberystwyth University's free range egg supplier Birchgrove Eggs is feeding its laying hens with UK grown lupins to replace imported soya in their diet.

Birchgrove supplies Aberystwyth University with over 4000 eggs per week, and in a commercial trial for a research project with scientists at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), they are feeding their hens a layers mash where most of the protein component of the feed is provided by yellow lupins instead of the usual soya protein.

Aberystwyth-eggsSoya traditionally made up a considerable percentage of the poultry feed and using a home grown alternative which does not affect egg quality contributes to assured provenance and sustainability.

Birchgrove Eggs is undertaking an 18 week commercial trial as part of a collaborative research and development project between industry and academia where Aberystwyth University is one of 12 partners.

Based in Trawscoed near Aberystwyth, the company is run by Tony and Gwen Burgess. Tony said; "We are delighted to be partners in this important research project that has already shown the potential to generate real nutrition and possible future cost benefits for poultry producers across the UK.


BWA Welcomes New Secretary

The British Waterfowl Association (BWA) welcomes a new secretary, Nadine Head, who will be taking over from long-standing secretary Sue Schubert. "Nadine Head has worked with charities and not-for-profit organisations for the past 15 years and will bring a wealth of experience to the position" says BWA President Geoff Chase. "We wish her a long and happy association with the BWA."


The Fantasia Hen House – A Mid-Summer's Dream

Down at the bottom of the garden; beyond the vegetable patch and further than the compost heap, where beams of sunshine preamble amid the dappled shade of the trees, and the birdsong combines with insect choirs in making harmonious melodies, there lies a place where magic is found. Where on a summer’s night any shadow could be a goblin, the mushrooms perform secret waltzes with the flowers, and King Oberon rules over his eventide realm.


Chickens At BBC Gardeners' World Live

The National Exhibtion Centre, Birmingham, was the venue for the 21st BBC Gardener's World Live Show held alongside the BBC Good Food Show Summer from the 12th till the 16th of June.

Girl with chicksIt was a fantastic day out for any gardener or foodie, attracting over one hundred thousand visitors! There was one new & very excited team of exhibitors, the Poultry Talk team were attending their biggest show yet, promoting the poultry hobby, answering questions and showcasing the diverse range of breeds! PoultryTalk is a not-for profit organisation who promote the fantastic hobby of keeping, breeding & exhibting poultry through their resources.


Wave Goodbye To Poultry Worms This Summer

While chicken keepers have been looking forward to seeing some sunshine after a rotten winter and rainy spring, many poultry parasites have flourished during the wet weather. Victoria Roberts, expert back-yard poultry vet says, "Poultry worms have thrived through the wet start to the year, with the muddy conditions providing ideal surroundings for them to survive. This may put chickens at increased risk of worms, making summer a key time for keepers to review their worming regime."


New Poultry Book ‘Breeding For Success’

Released May 2013

Special Discount Rate for the first 100 Signed Copies bought at gbpoultry.com
Breeding-For-Success(email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a special pre-sale email and link to the discount page).

When Michael Roberts approached me to write a second book on poultry breeding, I had very mixed feelings. One the one hand, I was honoured to be asked, but then the memories came flooding back of just how much work was involved in the first one, '21st Century Poultry Breeding.' Plus, would there be a market for those wishing to breed pure poultry to show (and potentially win)? Apparently so.


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