Poultry Keeping Resources

The poultry keeping resourses section contains a number databases and useful reference pages containing information for poultry keepers.

Keeping poultry is a marvelous hobby, one that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy since a child and hope to enjoy long into my retirement.

The word ‘poultry’ according to the dictionary definition actually covers many types of fowl, not just chickens as we often think but turkeys, guinea fowl and quail as well. It includes waterfowl: ducks and geese although I don't think I've ever heard anyone who keeps waterfowl actually refer to them as poultry! None the less, whether you breed poultry for showing, are a backyard poultry keeper, or perhaps a smallholder producing a few birds for the table and eggs for the local farmers market, at some point you'll find you'll need to tap into some up to date information that might not be available in poultry books.

My Poultry Keeping 'Folder'

Every now and again, during my time keeping poultry, I have had to go searching for some information which slowly over the years ended up with a folder full of pages torn out from small holding magazines, scraps of paper with hand written notes and diagrams with information that I had gleaned from other poultry keepers, vets, friends, books, instruction manuals and suppliers catalogues that sometimes provide detailed product information.

I have de-cluttered my desk draw and thrown away most of these scraps of information, replacing them with this website and on-line poultry keeping resource. This section is my new 'folder full of information' that I now have book marked and hope you will find it as useful as I do. I will be adding to this information as time goes by. I still have some product information and a number of incubator instruction manuals that I would like to add but I need to seek the necessary copyright permissions to add these and this can take time to convince companies to allow us to do this.


The poultry keeping resouces section contains the following pages that can be accessed from the links below, or via drop down resources menu in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Digestive-System-ThumbPoultry Diseases

Divided into sub-sections to make it easier for you to find common poultry diseases and health problems you might encounter during your time keeping poultry. From soft egg shells to respiritory problems, we've got information about most problems!

poultry-vets-thumbPoultry Vets UK

A database and location map of veterinary practices and services that have vets with the training or experience of dealing with poultry diseases and poultry health problems in the UK and Ireland.

poultry-medication-thumbPoultry Medicine

Details of the medicines that are sometimes used on poultry. Some medications are available to order online without prescriptions and some require a prescription from a veterinary surgeon. If in doubt always check with your vet!


We regularly review poultry keeping equipment and books we read that are related to poultry. This section provides information and photographs of our findings as well as our honest, unbiased review of a book or product.

poultry-news-thumbPoultry Keeping News

New products or services and news or goings on in the poultry keeping world can be found in our poultry news section. If you have your own website, you can also request a feed of this news to display it on your own website too!

Barred Plymouth Rock PulletsPoultry For Sale

Our breeders database has a list of breeders by county (UK and Ireland) and includes a location map so you can find poultry for sale near you quickly. Entry to our breeders directory is free - so if you breed and sell poultry, you can get a listing here too!

poultry-show-calendar-thumbEvents Calendar

An up to date calendar of poultry shows, auctions, sales and other events of interest. Major European shows are also included in case you fancy a long weekend on the continent at a show.

poultry-shopAmazon Poultry Shop

Some books we recommend and products we find useful that are available on Amazon. Please take a look since 5% of your spend comes back to us to help fund the site with no extra cost to you :-)


We are often out surfing the web. When we find a site we think provides useful information, we list it here. We also look to exchange links with other high quality websites so please drop us a line if you've got a site you think will interest us.

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