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General Ducks

Articles about keeping ducks. From our beginners guide to keeping ducks to more advanced vent sexing techniques – there’s something for all levels of duck keeper!

Feeding Ducks

Feeding Ducks

Ducks love to forage for insects, snails, worms, especially near water where they will also find aquatic insects when dabbling or ‘sifting’ through the water or mud. While free ranging on grass, they will also consume seed heads as well as small amounts of grass, chickweed and clover. Given sufficient …

Worming Ducks

Ducks can carry worms, just like other poultry. Worming ducks (or de-worming as I think the correct term is) is not difficult using a suitable product and usually simply involves mixing in a given quantity with their normal food ration. Many health problems can be avoided by worming twice a year. …

Call Ducks on Grass

Keeping Call Ducks

At one time Call Ducks were known as Decoys and were fed or tethered at the entrance to long traps. Their loud calling would entice wild ducks into the traps which would then be caught for commercial use. Calls have been known in Britain since the 1850’s and was one …